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John Elway sent me to the Pro Bowl

John Elway sent me to the Pro Bowl where bookie bets free. Guess who is my favorite all-time NFL player.

The Pro Bowl generally is a laid-back affair, past and future, at Aloha Stadium. It features special rules such as no blitzing, no zone defenses, no trick offensive formations.

The games are low-key for a while, that is until the second half when the all-star competitive juices -- not, those kind, lighten up -- kick in and some rules are better honored in their breach than their observance.

But the Pro Bowl where bookie bets free is an afterthought as yet, after the Super Bowl and most everybody has gone football home.

Not for me. The Pro Bowl is mine, baby, all mine, thanks to Elway.

ESPN, a few years ago, stage a "You Pick the Play -- Quarterback Challenge" contest. For four Sundays in November, viewers of the ESPN game of the week could call a 1-900 number at $5.95 a pop, limited to once call per quarter with the objective of picking the next play a team would run.

ESPN divided the field into sections by yard markers and hash-marks. Plays were assigned point totals. A running play to the right side was one point. A 10-yard pass to the left side was three points. A completed pass of more than 25 yards between the hash marks of the middle of the field had the highest point total. It was five freakin' points.

Under the very fine print section of the rules, ESPN deigned to disclose a toll-free number would be provided if requested. I believe there was some kind of law requiring this. I requested, baby, and I got to work. I studied the offenses of the teams that would appear in the four contest games.

Elway's Broncos de Denver was one of the teams, and even played in two of the games. It soon became apparent Elway was the guy who was going to punch my golden ticket to Diamond-head. This was the one guy with the arm, desire and ability to max out my point total with long bombs down the middle of the field. I figured he was good for at least one per quarter of any game he played.

So it went and so I went. I missed one the four games for some reason. But basically, I won every other quarter. If you're keen on having a punt on the NFL, or any other sport, get more information at this Australian free bets site. Scoring free bets with the bookies is a good way to experiment with online betting and see if it's for you.

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